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Tesmaweb provides a range of services for small and medium businesses. These may range from providing simple Web presence to application integration to B2B (business to business) interaction design services.

The services we provide are based on client's business requirements. These requirements may be based on well-understood business needs, may be based on some priliminary thoughts turned into requirements or may be based on new ideas resulted from our engagement with the client. In any case, Tesmaweb can provide solutions to meet those requirements using appropriate technology.

We have people who are up-to-date with current technology. We rely on standard based technology as much as possible, so that the solutions we provide will be cost effecetive and well researched. The solutions will be designed to meet users' expectations and clients' business needs. We have also off-shore connections, if needed to make the solutions very cost attractive.

email: consulting@tesmaweb.com
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